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Root Origins

Root Origins is a grassroots-built wholesale bulk hemp and consumer products company developing, licensing and commercializing an all-natural plant-based line of full spectrum hemp and CBD-infused products.

Based in Roseburg, Oregon, Root Origins is developing a portfolio of safe, affordable and compact supplement products to address a range of health issues, from joint and muscle pain to inflammation, anxiety, sleep disorder and more.

Our customers – like all of us at Root Origins – are committed to nurturing their bodies with only the purest organic foods, beverages and supplements. True to those principles, Root Origins maintains a company culture committed to ‘Seed to Shelf’ transparency allowing anyone the ability to trace the origins of our products right down to their actual roots. That’s Root Origins!

Meet Our Team


Why Us?

Root Origins provides cutting-edge knowledge and only the highest quality resources and products at each stage of the industrial and commercial hemp cycle. We operate four primary business units including a fast growing co-op, branded extracts products, smokable flower and targeted consulting services.

Walking the Talk from Seed to Shelf

Before ever advising farmers and processors, our R&D experts make certain that we set standards for risk management, compliance and product quality, ensuring all Root Origins partners have the greatest likelihood of success. We leverage long standing relationships directly with seed producers, equipment manufacturers, and fertilizer providers, vetting them at every stage to make sure that third-party tests will validate the results. 


Root Origins believes that our relationships with farmers are as valuable as with leading universities and research centers. Holding this belief earns us the privilege of working alongside other compliance-first organizations state by state in order to match genetics and best practices with any micro-climate, all leading to higher yields and purer products. In return, farmers welcome us to contract with them in advance and are happy to contribute to our development of downstream markets for all of Hemp's industrial uses, further benefiting their bottom line. Our re-investment into agriculture and infrastructure sets us apart from a rapidly growing industry otherwise focused on profits over purpose.

Product Development

Root Origins R&D credentials include tech, culinary and cultural experts co-developing a branded line of products utilizing hemp extracts. Root Origins flagship products include sublingual CBD sprays and tinctures, muscle and body topicals, and nano CBD water—all backed by world-class GMP and NSF certified manufacturing. ​

Broker Sales

Root Origins supports the downstream hemp market through consultation and sales of hemp products including flower, biomass, isolate, and distillate & crude oil.

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