This has been yet another busy week for cannabis companies. The United States Marijuana Index, which tracks 17 of the largest marijuana stocks in the U.S., closed the week roughly flat. Meanwhile, the North American Marijuana Index, which also includes Canadian stocks, posted gains of approximately 3 percent. The Horizons
CBD Natural Solutions, Root Origins’ parent company, is coming to with its unique nano full spectrum hemp extract products including Day and Night oral sprays and its Hemp Vitality Water. The Day Oral Spray is a hemp-derived CBD sublingual spray that provides consumers with a boost of energy and
CBD Natural Solutions is a company with its roots based firmly in integrity, social responsibility and scientific research. The parent company of Root Origins, a sublingual CBD spray with a day and night formula – tested for optimum absorption with its nano full spectrum hemp extract. “I’m grateful and proud
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CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has been passed by NFL over two years ago and recently, WHO (the World Health Organization) has removed the substance from its doping list created for international and Olympic athletes. It is one of the many steps being made into changing the way people look
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On June 28, 2018; hemp, the non-psychoactive cannabis plant closely related to marijuana, has finally become legal to grow in the United States. The Senate passed the so-called Farm Bill, wide-ranging agriculture and food policy legislation, with a vote of 86 to 11. This piece of legislation contains specific provisions to
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As more and more states and countries are legalizing marijuana, there is a growing interest in a cannabis extract known as cannabidiol (CBD). Part of its appeal, especially for those who don’t want to get high, is that CBD doesn’t have any of the mind-altering effects that THC has. By
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What’s the right CBD dosage? It is a question both first-time and experienced users ask on a regular basis. Since the industry is so new, there are very few people that talk about the proper dosing of CBD. And to make matters even more confusing, the FDA has not yet released
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To correctly understand the difference between these two, we must first know what CBD is and what’s the exact difference (or similarity) between hemp and marijuana. Let’s start with the latter. In short, both marijuana and hemp are cannabis plants. Cannabis is the genus or umbrella name, which encapsulates all species of
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To better understand the differences between CBD oil and nano full spectrum CBD, we must first understand what CBD is. For those of us who don’t know, CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 60+ cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis, as this is the genus
The key differences between THC and CBD are subtle and mostly only interesting to scientists. Most users are happy to know that THC causes the big bang in the buzz, and CBD makes you alert and hungry. Cannabis strains are typically chosen based on the effects that users want. But,