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CBD in Sports: What Is It and How Does It Help?

CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, has been passed by NFL over two years ago and recently, WHO (the World Health Organization) has removed the substance from its doping list created for international and Olympic athletes. It is one of the many steps being made into changing the way people look at CBD and its benefits.

So, What Exactly Is CBD – Cannabidiol?

In a few words, CBD is one of the most important compounds of hemp. All of the plants’ compounds are scientifically referred to as ‘cannabinoids,’ and one that stands out of the crowd when it comes to its health benefits is CBD, which is widely used in medicine due to its therapeutic effects.

CBD effects on the human body have been studied for a very long time and based on the results shown by research in this field; it is accepted as one of the most active substances used by athletes worldwide to treat pain and to help in their recovery.

CBD does not have psychoactive effects on the brain, making it safe for everybody. Deriving from hemp, a plant that has been used for thousands of years with different purposes (food, medicine, clothing) CBD is now legal almost everywhere, and no studies have linked it to harmful side-effects, not even when consumed in high doses.

In areas where medicinal marijuana is legal, CBD is easy to find and purchase. Companies like Root Origins focus on offering their clients natural plant-based products which can address a large variety of health issues, ranging from joint and general bodily discomfort to insomnia or other sleep-related problems.

With more and more companies placing a strong accent on offering qualitative CBD products, free of pesticides, herbicides and any other synthetic chemicals, the “seed to shelf” process seems to be gaining ground in the CBD and CBD related industries.

CBD in Sports – Health and Recovery

Due to these positive effects on human health, more and more professional NFL and NBA athletes have started using CBD in their recovery and some sports. It is beginning to be the norm when it comes to treating pain and helping with recovery.

For a very long time, CBD has had a stigma on it due to its link with the psycho-active effects marijuana has on the brain, but since studies have shown that people ‘can’t get high’ from Cannabidiol, its use has taken a considerable leap in medicine.

Athletes have talked about how undergoing CBD treatments has made their recovery a faster and safer process, and the substance has also helped with relaxing, even during stressful periods of training.

Considering all the latest studies in the field and all the positive effects CBD has on the body, more and more people and companies have started to take an interest in this natural substance and its many uses.


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