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CBD Natural Solutions

CBDns supplements are born of European industrial hemp containing no fungicides, herbicides or pesticides. Our GMP-Certified labs extract 99.9% CBD, the highest concentration of CBD on the market, creating a nanoscale crystal powder known as an Isolate. Tested by independent cannabis testing facilities, our isolate contains less than .03% THC (.3% being legal in all 50 states), no terpenes or flavonoids, is non-toxic with low risk of abuse, no side effects and is completely natural. The nanoscale of CBDns isolate allows us to suspend our products in a convenient spray form, a simple mint freshener like Binaca®, facilitating immediate absorption into the blood stream, as compared to competitors’ products requiring patients to ingest pills or oils which may complicate therapeutic delivery.

CBD Natural Solutions walks the path “from seed to shelf”™ alongside all our fellow stakeholders — from the hemp farmer workers who lovingly toil to grow perhaps the most symbiotic plant in human history, to the hi-tech labs keeping open room on the bench for meaningful, holistic research (not just big money pharma), to the physicians and health care workers providing access to natural solutions that help keep their patients thriving and smiling. From organic farms to nanoscale research, CBDns leaves no leaf unturned in delivering benefits as nature intended.