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Hemp Oil & CBD for Skincare and Treating Acne

When talking about the plight of the teenage years, commonly known as acne, time is usually the best treatment. But there are plenty of cases where acne can still linger on, long after people leave high school. When this happens, acne sufferers often turn to some of the most potent treatments such as Isotretinoin (sold as Accutane.) While it shows to be effective in most cases, you cannot ignore the long list of potentially dangerous side effects.

There are other, less dangerous, types of over-the-counter and prescription treatments for acne but with somewhat similar-sized lists of reactions. Most of these treatments come in a topical form such as creams, tinctures, and ointments which are applied directly to the affected area.

Similarly, however, CBD can also be used for topical applications, even though the majority of us would not have expected it to be for acne or general skin care. In most cases, CBD balms and tinctures are for treating muscle and joint pains, as well as to reduce inflammation.

How Does Hemp CBD Oil Help?

More recent scientific research has shown that cannabis seed extract can reduce cheek skin sebum and erythema content. It is a result of how the human body functions usually. As it turns out, our endocannabinoid systems are responsible for the regulation and production of sebum. And since CBD is a cannabinoid, it will interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, calming and reducing the amount of sebum produced.

As a direct consequence, hemp CBD oil can, indeed, be used as an acne treatment. It’s also important to remember that CBD was shown to have anti-inflammatory properties, and used as a pain reliever. Acne can be considered as an inflammatory disease, to a certain extent, as the skin within the zit is highly inflamed. The potential correlation between these two factors has never been tested adequately, but there is a strong possibility that hemp CBD oil can tackle the issue of acne on both fronts (reducing the amount of sebum and as an anti-inflammatory.)

Hemp CBD Oil Dosage

When talking about CBD oil as an acne treatment, it should be taken orally. The correct dosage, however, is harder to determine as it is influenced by several factors such as the concentration of CBD in the supplement you are using, the severity of the condition, your body weight, as well as your body’s chemistry.

But as a general rule of thumb, a right baseline to start with is 1 to 6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. The 1 to 6 range takes into consideration the severity of the condition. As for your body’s chemistry composition, it’s advisable that you start small and up the dosage as you go along. Improving the quality of your diet can also help.

Likewise, it’s possible to use a combination of both CBD oil (taken orally) and CBD cream (applied directly on the affected area) to see better results. Keep in mind that Nano CBD products have a 10-times higher absorption rate than regular CBD supplements. It means that they’re more active so you should reduce the quantity accordingly. In any case, it’s advisable that you talk to your doctor before starting any treatment, including this one.


As an extra mention of the benefits of CBD is that it can also help in the production of keratin. Keratin, as many of us know, is a protein that keeps hair healthy, strong, and soft. In any case, hemp CBD oil can be a much safer alternative to acne treatment than most of the medication currently available on the market.