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With a wide array of benefits, Root Origins CBD products balance and restore a variety of systems to optimum health and performance. Our products are engineered using all-natural ingredients with no artificial chemicals. Our innovative nanotized oral sprays for Day & Night have 10X the absorption compared to traditional CBD oil products on the market!

  • 100% NATURAL






8mg of CBD in each liter.


Customer Testimonials

  • "I first bought DAY spray for my mom, but when she told me how many reasons she found it useful, I started using it myself and couldn't be happier that I did!"

    Jerome J.

  • "After having a bad car accident. DAY spray has been a game changer for me and a vital component in my daily routine. I have had the best sleep in years."

    Charisse C.

  • "Nothing had worked until I was recommended Night Spray. Not only do I enjoy deep sleep, but I've enjoyed the many benefits."

    Shon J.

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Exciting news

  • 13 Oct

    Five Common Misconceptions About CBD

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    Newly legal and a force to be reckoned with in the alternative remedies community, CBD is a trending topic among most Americans. However, there are many misconceptions about this magical extract that causes potential benefactors from giving it a second look. Below are five of the most common misconceptions about CBD oil.CBD has the same effects on the body as marijuana....

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  • 26 Feb

    Root Origins CBD Night Spray Awarded Best Product 2020

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    We are honored to be awarded a First Annual Hempy Awards as one of the favorite CBD products for 2020. Our partners at The Hemp Crate Company went through several relevant categories in the world of CBD and hemp and picked their customers' favorite products in each category.There are over 60 million people in the US alone that suffer from some type of sleep disorder. Just like all of our CB...

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  • 13 Jan

    New Year’s Resolution > Live Stronger, Heal Faster with CBD

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    Every New Year’s Eve, many people around the world come up with a resolution to lead a healthy lifestyle and do something about their fitness. During the holiday season (from Christmas through the New Year), people tend to spend more time with their family, meaning that the focus is not on their workouts. An occasional cheat ...

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  • 21 Nov

    The Importance of Properly Drying Hemp Post-Harvest

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    Because the hemp industry is relatively new and still growing in North America, many producers still lack suitable equipment, infrastructure, systems, and know-how to deliver a quality hemp product.Industrial hemp processing, be it for fiber, seeds, or CBD, is currently going through a renaissanc...

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  • 25 Oct

    CBD and Skincare

    Todd Scholl 08 08

    From cloth and rope to construction materials and biofuel - the uses of cannabis seem limitless. So when CBD skincare products first emerged, some people questioned how a CBD cream could improve skin health and if the introduction of these products in the market was merely a trend. However, CBD in skincare makes more and more sense when you remember that CBD is touted for its anti-inflammatory ...

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