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    • 8 Million Nanograms of CBD
    • Natural Orange Mango flavor
    • Alkaline pH balanced water
    • Electrolyte Enhanced
    • Fast absorption
    • No THC, completely non-psychoactive
    • 4 servings per liter

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    Root Origins hemp-infused CBD water features an innovative nanotized water form with a delicious natural Orange Mango flavor that is quick for absorption into the body. This means the water is faster acting and more efficacious than its competitors with an unmatched superior taste!

    Root Origins CBD water is available in 1 liter bottles (15 per case) and contains 8mg of CBD in each liter.

    There are many different CBD products on the internet. Some of them are good, others aren’t as much. Yet, the question which one is the best remains open. To help you find the answer, we’ve decided that it’s prime time to talk about CBD water and its key characteristic. We will be covering traditional bottled water, as well as water-soluble CBD because they are relatable products. We want to explore this question because knowing the basics means knowing what CBD water is a better option. Thus, without further ado, here is our short guide to CBD water.

    To understand properly what is CBD water, one must understand how it’s made and what are the key components. So, CBD water is made using Cannabidiol, which is essentially the CDB. Widely recognized as the best marijuana compound, CBD will not get you high. The whole compound will not intoxicate you as long as it is made from industrial hemp. As recent medical studies show, it will actually help you to combat chronic pain, insomnia, seizures, and many other conditions. 

    It is estimated that the general CBD market will exceed $2 billion in 2020 and this is the sole reason why there are more products than just CBD water. As a matter of fact, users get to choose from gums, balms, capsules, and tincture droppers. Yet, we’ll mostly focus on CBD water as it is the latest and greatest. 

    Buy CBD water

    There are two types of CBD water products — the water-soluble CBD and already pre-made CBD water. What separates these two iterations of the same product is the way they are made. You might be surprised to learn that CBD water isn’t just your average water mixed with CBD oil. It’s made using nanotechnology that adds micro CBD molecules to the water batches. This allows CBD water to have a greater and faster effect on the end-user as it enables CBD molecules to travel much faster. In fact, it is believed that if you use droppers, you need to take more CBD for the effect to kick in as the digestive system is slower when it comes to absorbing CBD. This also allows manufacturers to make these products more available on the market, which leads us to the next point.

    We highly encourage our readers to buy CBD water because if you use an edible method, approximately 90% of CBD will be lost due to poor bioavailability. This is a huge waste and it’s not cost-effective whatsoever. Moreover, CBD living water will go where it should go and the effects will be much better. Speaking of effects, thanks to the fact that it’s bioavailable, you can expect immediate help to your red blood cells, heart, nerve cells, etc. CBD water is also good at boosting your immune system due to the included antioxidants. 

    Now that we know the key benefits of CBD living water, it’s time to talk about the flavors, or more appropriately, lack thereof. You see, you can add flavors to CBD water but you cannot expect it to have a flavor right from the get-go. It’s just mineral water with CBD in it. The majority of brands usually include up to 50 mg of CBD (which is more than enough to deal with certain symptoms), although there are products with 300 mg of CBD in it. The reason why certain bottles have so much of it is that certain patients need more to reduce seizures. 

    The issue with CBD water

    There aren’t that many problems with CBD living water but there is one glaring obstacle that relates to the nanotechnology itself. It is widely agreed that the tech enhances the availability of the product, but it also increases its toxicity. You see, there are many regulations established when it comes to vitamin consumption, but there are none when it comes to phytochemicals. This also applies to water-soluble alternative as well. These phytochemicals work thanks to the included “nanoceuticals”, which can bypass certain immune barriers and expose the human body to a number of biochemicals it isn’t used to. 

    Another issue stems from the so-called entourage effect, or again, lack thereof. It is when a number of different cannabinoids work in tandem with terpenes to trigger a positive outcome. Most companies don’t add anything into the mixture, meaning that you won’t experience the full spectrum of what the CBD has to offer. 

    CBD water vs CBD oil?

    For the sake of clarity, in this section, we’ll be covering both pre-made CBD water and the water-soluble method as they are practically the same. Currently, CBD oil stems rule in the CBD users world. Yet, with the recent developments, it looks like water-soluble CBD might take over. Here’s how both stack up against each other.

    CBD Water Pros

    • The key advantage of water-soluble CBD is that it works way faster than oil CBD. If you need quick pain relief, this is the perfect product for you.
    • While we’ve mentioned that water-soluble CBD doesn’t really have a taste, we didn’t mention the fact that it’s refreshing. Compared to CBD oil, it’s much better as even well-made oil still has a poor taste even with additives.  
    • If there’s one thing CBD water excels at the most, it’s the bioavailability. There’s no beating to this characteristic. You need less to get more and on top of that, you save money in the long-run. 

    CBD Oil Pros

    • The key advantage CBD oil over its water alternative is the fact that it’s generally much safer. There are no real regulations regarding nanotechnology and testing standards vary from company to company. The manufacturers producing CBD oil usually experience a greater degree of scrutiny, meaning that each product goes through a wide range of testing procedures. 
    • Unlike CBD water that contains only CBD and mineral water, oils have extra expense and cannabinoids. You will experience more benefits and spend less, which is a huge bonus. 
    • It’s true that CBD water is much better in terms of bioavailability, but they are a tad expensive. A 350 mg CBD oil bottle usually hovers around $55 whereas the water variant costs $8 for 30 mg of CBD. However, the amount you need to consume to get the desired effect varies. We’re positive that CBD water will go down in price as more people buy it. 

    Final thoughts on CBD water

    So that’s a wrap. As you can see from our CBD water review, the product is truly exciting and the benefits it brings to the table are remarkable. You can be 100% sure that every gram of CBD will be absorbed by your body and that your money won’t go to waste. They are much better in terms of taste and frankly, they are way more refreshing than CBD oil, which is known to have an exotic taste due to hemp tinctures. 

    However, as every new product on the market, CBD water is quite pricey. It’s up to you to decide whether you should buy it or stick with CBD oil. You also need to understand the underlying risks of the nanotechnology which is used to produce CBD water. If you don’t know where to buy CBD water, we check out the reputable companies that have been in the industry for quite some time, like Root Origins. 

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