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Eric Pike, President and founder of CBD Natural Solutions, parent company of Root Origins. (PRNewsfoto/CBD Natural Solutions)

Root Origins nano full-spectrum CBD oral spray partners with universities, delivering most effective healing hemp extract

CBD Natural Solutions is a company with its roots based firmly in integrity, social responsibility and scientific research. The parent company of Root Origins, a sublingual CBD spray with a day and night formula – tested for optimum absorption with its nano full spectrum hemp extract.

“I’m grateful and proud of the work we’ve accomplished in the past 20 years,” Eric Pike, President and Founder of Root Origins, said. “During that time, it’s been exciting to see the agricultural and genetic emphasis go from THC to high CBD levels.”

After years of research, science, focus groups, flavor profiling and removal of pesticides, toxins and chemicals; Pike founded CBD Natural Solutions. To address the lack of education surrounding the healing powers of hemp and cannabis, he’s helping to grow the ‘green’ space into the multi-billion dollar industry experts are projecting in the near future.

His journey is personal, as CBD’s natural healing properties helped him recover from a horrific diving accident that fractured his front and back of C3 and C4 vertebra. After the injury, Pike was reluctant to take addictive opioids, so he began researching natural ways to heal his pain with CBD. Through hemp, he not only found a cure to his injury, but also the motivation to become the founder and president of Root Origins.

Ever since his accident, Pike has been conducting CBD research with different universities like Virginia Tech University, Maine University, and Kentucky State University. While focusing on the different methods of CBD delivery — extraction, oil, isolate and micronized—Pike and his team at CBD Natural Solutions, Inc. also became the first to legally grow hemp in Central America.

“About 95 percent of CBD products are oil-based, and the human body is challenged with absorbing these oil products,” Pike said. “The amount of science behind optimal CBD delivery is no different than the science behind any other biomedicine R&D process. The result is that water-soluble, full-spectrum CBD, in a nanosized formulation offers the most effective delivery, and more importantly, yields the best response and healing for consumers.”

CBD Natural Solutions is the parent company of Root Origins. All products are non-GMO, organic, chemical-free, THC-free and were manufactured under ISO, NSF and FDA standards.

“Hemp has been around for thousands of years, and there is no other plant that is more integral to our human anatomy,” Pike said. “Today we are leading the way to help consumers rediscover and explore all the benefits this natural wonder has available for healthy living.”

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