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These 6 Tips Can Help You Get Better Rest Despite Back Pain

Quality rest is crucial for your health and comfort, especially when you struggle with back pain. But it can be challenging to get to sleep at night—let alone feel rested upon waking—when pain plagues you every minute. Fortunately, these six tips can help you get better rest despite back pain.

When it comes to winding down and relaxing your muscles, stretching and yoga are excellent exercises. Yoga has calming effects—including mental benefits—with its deep breathing and focused routines. But it can also increase strength in specific muscle groups in your back. Yoga impacts your abdominal muscles as well, which helps to maintain your posture.

While stretching may not necessarily strengthen your muscles, it does help reduce pain, says PainPathways. It can even help reduce symptoms of fatigue and stress. For optimal results, you should stretch slowly, they note, and hold each stretch for between 30 and 45 seconds.

And while you might feel tempted to focus on your back, stretching all over can help you relax and de-stress further. Plus, you’ll increase your flexibility, improve circulation and blood flow, and even develop better coordination.

Find Ways to Relieve Stress

Alleviating stress can improve your sleep and also help you cope better with chronic pain. ZenBusiness notes that you know you have too much stress in your life when there are signs such as lack of concentration and insomnia. Try some activities that can help you relax like yoga, meditation, hiking, or learning a new hobby.

It’s a proven fact that stress reduction helps promote a healthy lifestyle and create an overall happier life, so work on the place you spend most of your time — at home. Taking steps like incorporating some house plants and decluttering your living space will go a long way towards this end. And when you’re winding down for the day, try award-winning CBD Night Spray from Root Origins.

Try Sleep or Relaxation Apps as You Wind Down

No matter what relaxes you, there’s an app to help you wind down and even stay asleep through the night. Relaxation apps like Relax Melodies, which play soothing sounds and sleep meditations, can help you calm your mind for rest.

Sleep-tracking apps like Sleep Cycle and Sleep Time provide you with information about your sleep habits. These apps also help you sleep more deeply with all-night analyzers and alarm clocks that wake you in your lightest sleep phase.

Sleep in the Proper Position

Did you know that the way you sleep can also affect the quality of rest you achieve? Experts at Mayo Clinic say that sleeping in the wrong position worsens your back pain. When sleeping on your side, you should place a pillow between your knees to keep your spine aligned.

On your back, you should place a pillow under your knees to maintain your spine’s natural curve. And if you sleep on your stomach, place a pillow under your pelvis to keep your back naturally curved.

Turn Over (And Get Up) the Right Way

You might not think much of turning over in bed, but you could strain your back further by making uncoordinated movements. Moving your spine in alignment is the best way to avoid nerve twinges and other discomforts while attempting to rest.

When you get up in the morning, you should also be careful about how you move your body. Verywell Health recommends that you begin each day with deep breathing and stretching.

Then, you should bend your knees, roll onto your side in a smooth motion, and use your arms to push yourself up to a sitting position. Even if your back hurts, try to stand up straight instead of lurching forward when you rise off the edge of your mattress.

Invest in a More Supportive Bed

If your back pain is especially severe after sleeping, your mattress could be partly to blame. Therefore, replacing your bed could help relieve at least some of your discomfort.

A medium-firm mattress is typically ideal for back pain sufferers, as it’s firm enough to deliver support but not so squishy that it sucks you in. But it could take some trial and error to find the right fit for your sleep habits and back condition.

However severe your back pain, there is hope that you can achieve a better night’s rest. With these helpful tips, you’ll be sleeping more soundly—and with less pain—in no time. And the best part is that you can get started tonight.

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