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Your Guide to CBD for Sleep

Written by the team at CBD Education Online

In the United States, millions of people suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep, and other sleep disorders. CBD, which is commonly derived from hemp, is sometimes misjudged as having sedative effects. When taken in modest doses, however, its effects are mild and mostly unnoticeable.

Even without sedative and mind-altering effects, as opposed to its cannabinoid counterpart THC, CBD (cannabidiol) is most commonly used to achieve better, deeper sleep among its users – and with great success.

How Does CBD Assist with Sleep?

All of CBD’s benefits can be attributed to the endocannabinoid system, a complex system of nerves and receptors which exists in all mammals. Ironically, this neurological system was discovered through studies being conducted on cannabis and its effects, in which its name can be attributed.

The ECS, as it’s commonly known, is believed to be responsible for most major functions within the human body – such as motor function, adaptability (i.e. temperature regulation), immune system functions, nervous system functions, and even complex healing processes.

CBD and the ECS

One of the most prominent functions of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate sleep, mainly through processes associated with a receptor known as the CB1 receptor – the receptor in which CBD has been observed to target.

Note: ECS receptors can be described as biological nerves by which “messages” are passed to and from one another in the form of enzymes and proteins. These enzyme and protein “messages” thus facilitate important functions within the body and are also believed to be the conduit of communication between the brain and body.

The specific mechanism used by CBD to modulate sleep remains unclear in the scientific world. However, many studies and first-hand experiences by consumers indicate strong results, and studies on the subject continue to grow with CBD’s popularity as a sleep agent.

Though CBD is known to target the CB1 receptor, which is the most abundant receptor found in the ECS, CBD does carry a low attraction to this receptor. Despite its low affinity for the CB1, the health benefits related to CBD are powerful enough to create many noticeable changes within the user.

The Benefits of Using CBD for Sleep

Oddly enough, CBD activates the same neurological receptors as caffeine when administered in modest dosages. This can naturally stimulate the body and help to engage the sleep-wake cycle. What does this mean for those who struggle with sleeplessness? Mainly, CBD does not cause any groggy aftereffects in the morning, much like common sleep medications do.

What’s more, CBD carries a wide array of proven health benefits that aren’t limited to sleeplessness. CBD has also been scientifically proven to act as:

  • A neuroprotectant,
  • An antidepressant,
  • An anti-psychotic,
  • A powerful antioxidant (more powerful than both vitamins A and E),
  • A regenerator of exacerbated and dead cells (i.e. as a result of brain damage),
  • A natural muscle relaxant, and
  • Much more as studies continue to grow.

Therefore, there are a wide range of benefits to be experienced in addition to using CBD for sleep. Also, several patients with sleep issues report that ingesting higher doses of CBD a few hours before bedtime creates a balancing effect, which facilitates a deeper and more restful night’s sleep.

How to Obtain the Best Night’s Sleep with CBD

Sublingual oils or CBD capsules are most popular forms by which CBD is taken for sleep, though sublingual sprays like Root Origins’ NIGHT Spray are becoming more widespread for such use. Plus, an all-natural product, possibly coupled with other healthful vitamins and minerals to benefit sleep, is best for optimal results.

For example, Root Origins’ NIGHT Spray contains Melatonin, GABA & Valerian root in conjunction to CBD – all of which are conducive to a good night’s rest. In choosing what form of CBD is best to fit your needs, its best to make sure that the product is also created by a trusted manufacturer with verifiable product quality.

Benefits of Sublingual CBD Spray

In utilizing all-natural sublingual sprays, it’s important to remember that dosages are more easily administered. As opposed to CBD sublingual oils, sprays require no premeasured dosages, and can also provide a longer lasting supply for the user. Sublingual sprays such as Root Origins’ NIGHT Spray are easily added to your bedtime regimen as well, as they are easy to use and still offer the same fast-acting results as sublingual oils.

The Final Word

CBD use for sleep is becoming increasingly widespread, and it is one of the most sought-after benefits of CBD use today. Though the mechanisms behind CBD’s ability to assist in sleep are not yet fully understood, there is a plethora of information suggesting its promising results. By selecting a trusted manufacturer and an all-natural CBD product, and becoming knowledgeable of CBD benefits and uses, it’s highly likely that your sleeplessness will become a thing of the past.